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's your pick him up if he thought it was it due to the us although local authorities about their needs emily and that is what facilities and where are they going to build in the next ten years twenty thousand hectares were together throughout the country when we started to check those lands. the turnout than on the fifteen thousand actors are government property and no exemption is required in the remaining thirteen thousand actors were private land to put us up she said did we just need to work or rather the story is we have all the necessary legislative frameworks this concerns not only tossed the bottle much use well that sport should be resumed in completed a stupor i will ration of boston are our friends all forecast in indicators one hundred and fifty six thousand people live in the capital city today one in seventy five thousand on the waiting list them in pots. the proposal and produced a total siege of lanes takes place around boston and the border areas of the region's development of land around austin and goes on randomly all these cars social tensions. it is necessary to re
money will be used to complete the just cause gonna be a new rail project another thirty billion will be given to the kazakhstan development bank. so it can issue more loans twenty million tt will be use on the expo twenty seventeen project another twenty billion will be used to repay the samurai casino fun witches lonely government money to demolish buildings in austin on the remaining sixty five billion tv will also go toward priority projects at the siam said the ministry expects a twenty billion saying the increase in revenue coming in to the government and an eighty billion to the decrease in the national debt. he also said that when money is left over from a project that will be used to reduce the deficit it just before funds was for nine years were returned to the budget is time this happens however program administrators that the un use funds being put in the next year's budget we will stop this practice the president ordered us not to give the news funds to the program administrators we will spend the money on the budget deficit which is eighty billion tv this year we w
with the i c e o standards. justin has switched from promiscuous it also reminded us of the disease at the hospital under this program private businesses are focused primarily on the development of transportation and logistics centers in construction of three dry cargo terminals in the seaport in bus stations i think that the scope of the private businesses that dissipated will expand the government will create necessary conditions and provide support. so what should have according to the skies human aliens implementation of the planned projects pull out the double the transit traffic in addition his plan to launch seventy five new international air services and three hundred air services with in the country and also bus service in all populated areas within seven years. lomas them into the new demand and sebastian at the moment. the main task of the adopted state program is to develop and build the transportation infrastructure. of course the logistics system cannot exist without modern railways without the maintenance and operations for the construction and reconstruction the majo
important because it is the adaptation period for a child to get used to studying here and then they can continue their studies. is there in court because it is an adaptation period for a child children get used to studying here and then they can continue her studies. it is expected that a working visit of the president will continue the president also visit the industrial social this cocoa ink onto facilities of genital region the seven eu central asia ministerial meeting was held in brussels yesterday the minister of foreign affairs of context and get on a piece of art in the eu started talking about the necessity of bringing the partnership with central asian region to a new level as early as in two thousand seven a year before the beginning of the global recession. since then a lot of initiatives and programs for cooperation in education science environment protection not to mention security trade and investment were put forward as a part of the special strategy. but off the many initiatives remain only on paper because it's eye believes that the time has come to move forth from word
. how about going home. other than work. i was with us. the term executive officer control implementation of the state programs. i was a surprise is going on where the programs now being implemented what needs to be done he should join your conclusions from what i said the government meeting i told you that people should know what is done. moreover there's almost no information about the housing construction savings bank information which is available is quite obscure. that is why community sector to work harder implementation of the programs and recommendations on the unproven of the work of the government ministries and agencies. the concern is the ideology cool service in the country work of the mass media in the inspector's of the executive office of the president who should know everything about what is going on in the region in each village district and city of chester. the work of the metropolitan. our dorm for most of all. thus it has to suffer for its overworked resort features. state inspectors mentioned by assaulted as a buyer for the officers of the department o
and smoked and picks up the contents and ice and i think it's an identity with us in front of another time and that's if upon spying kept in pj's with us because naturally will be more casualties. lulu. i will. d do we will will will will will will. studio boston international airport will be doubled to handle the surge in passengers expected for expo twenty seventeen according to ask our german golly of the minister of transportation and communications the announcement came at a meeting of the national expo commission which signed off on the next poll registration while there will be sent to the international exhibitions bureau in paris. prime minister sir e r maine off presided at the meeting one hundred twenty six countries are expected to take part in the exhibition which is expected to attract to napoli and visitors. the prime minister asked the expo commission to develop a full fledged strategy for hosting the event. reconstructing the ancient silk road was a key topic of an international conference on transportation and logistics in austin on today's cars each time new silk way foru
poland has extended reach two point one billion us dollars. the two countries but for the belt cooperation mechanic went in during our industry defence and mining industries as well as transport and logistics because a delegation presented the programme of preparation for expo two thousand seventeen during the meeting. the line extending trade turnover in investments was signed at the end of the meeting the parties also expressed a willingness to sign in a governmental or even on cooperation in the field of education standardization in veterinary medicine. expo two thousand seventeen is proof of the fact that colin treats context and as a leading country. i want to remind you that context and was elected as one of my priority countries poland expo two thousand seventeen on one hand crowns longstanding cooperation with context and in support of organizing the exposition on the other hand creates an opportunity to display the polish economy accomplishments. it is some kind of a springboard for for the moment. it was cute combining your chest. most companies were invited to produc
and timely completion of the president's commissions and all programs documents continue below those of us according to the prime minister's order from now on information about what has been done and what is claimed to be done on the president's commissions will be reporting in the every week. in general it is planned to implement about fifty projects by the end of the year. in another twenty projects next year as a part of the commissions set by the head of state we just received criticism of the president. we have a problem of construction of facilities in the conditions of lack of healthcare manpower we should make proposals to december this year. some hospitals are being billed as a part of the one hundred hospitals project sixty percent of these facilities are being built instead of existing ones. that is why their personnel will be transferred from the old hospital's to the newly built ones. after receiving criticism we have improved our work all day. so on. the vice ministers wrote letters of resignation from the positions of their own quest to be awesome if the corresponding incisi
on october eleven. the main provision for rational use of a dispersed much funds the total amount of the budget exceeds one hundred and sixteen going changi the major part of these funds will be allotted for the implementation of large scale investment projects although the majority of the deputies approved amendments to criticize the discipline and disbursement of the budget according to them the problem workers year by year. more to the little boat with it moreover the man is not disbursed funds has increased sixty nine and sixteen billion today. this is the first time since being a mom is not dispersed well as the deputy city review the budget especially at the end of the year cost quite a lot. the millions of non disperse budget funds mean first of all that the commissions on improving the quality of life given by the head of state are not being completed as the deputy of the vigilance might not seem to point out every year the government fails to complete one of the most important commissions of the president which is to construct one hundred schools and one hundred hospitals
the us. recently awarded top. the is close to the shock turns twenty today on the membership nineteen ninety three and the sultan as a minor established educational program which you can extend the students an opportunity to study abroad at the expense of the government over the years nine thousand five hundred students have been granted a scholarship things into policy of note are the party has presented the results of the research on the program sufficiency to mark the anniversary over thirteen hundred ml shot graduates and forty six experts have taken part in the research eighteen percent of the respondents think the wound i got the same level of knowledge and skills that the universities of kazakhstan been caught my ear a double shock graduates is ninety two percent. in general is all show that the respondents highly praised the program sufficiency for the experts agree with them as well. they inevitably in their stocking travel a bit to the extent of their passivity. they see mor and they come back here having a noble aim. rather be sure of the world. i think of global g
protection of the population ghost of a hobby colleague of us is the chairperson of the national commission for women's affairs family in demographic policies and the president. by decree of the president of context and so cannot survive kimball and five has been important as the advisor to the president of kazakhstan and relieved of the post as deputy prime minister of kazakhstan the members of the cabinet adopted a resolution on the implementation of the revised budget for two thousand thirteen and a meeting of the government according to the cause the prime minister's secretariat of the budget programs administrators regional governors mayors of all monte in austin i should ensure timely development of the budget. the changes made to the budget for two thousand thirteen and aimed at balancing the budget and implementation of the president's instructions are to be executed according to the ministry of economy and budget planning the national budget revenue for two thousand thirteen will exceed five trailing team iranian diplomats and u s officials have agreed to establish a joint chamber
by mcconnell says that to your work on the memos to the law on some soil and some still use progress is very slowly. therefore there is no investment in contract. she appealed to the head of the government to change the situation. i knew that at the opening of the third poem into recession the president stressed that the adoption of amendments to laws on some sewing and some so used as the most important issue the methods of government managing in the natural resources industry these much to be improved this year the government did not conclude any serious contracts all this clearly shows that the government is unable to cope with the role of crisis manager in solving the problems of mineral resources sectors in the country. he is moving into manufacturing see. he also shows or statistics one thousand two hundred accidents of doctors in enterprises for nine months more than six hundred companies have not paid salaries to the employees have stands at more than three billion today the president paid special attention to the provision of labor rights in observance of obligations to employees to
's the us the most booming people want to move to austin on the latest data shows that the number of the population approaches nine hundred thousand in means that we almost reached the level one million. however we don't have plans to inflate the population to two to three million. i stash and the city with all conditions for culpable life. we need to think that in order to prevent and folk migrants. we should not give the people hope that everything is possible in austin. we need to reconsider the legislation us denies our capital. we should prevent increasing the number of small residential buildings on the contrary we need to get rid of them. then the world with several other proposed cuts were due to snow storm of torture the president also spoke about the news plans announced in a land parcels which were once purchased at bargain prices not turn when owners into knowing there's the general prosecutor's office will conduct an investigation on land owners in the origin of the property social status of the citizens in development of infrastructure has always been on this pest co
institution's us were less than european. openness and secure each of them is it some where in kazakhstan was president and co thousand and ten in switzerland is going to be present xd so we had booked a profit of the experience of kazakhstan and was imprisoned by it was very patient and supportive seats. forcing president tun have been suspended for several weeks a ghastly kids cause is being currently fixed and one underground pipelines of the field surface facilities for extraction work started gushing out on september eleventh of september twenty fourth the testing extraction works were suspended the reason was the gas leakage at the dry section of the gas pipeline discovered two kilometers away from bullish to plan for the sea oil is transported for refining purposes of the fixing of the league of america were six the extraction was resumed reading the capacity of seventy nine thousand barrels per day one of two or ninety gas leakage occurs again as the representatives of the press service of the north caspian operating company reported the whole gas pipeline was the pressurized the
in partnership with suppression uses as a school bus. so let's go months and guts when production of medical products we started coming on the pharmaceutical complex the russian company given sporting his duty he played for production for steel reinforcement because tonight is going to produce great combine our stores in the city in practice from local problems. so for those of my steed the result of this cooperation should be bringing the products manufactured in cooperation with will market standards but before competing in the wto. it is necessary to make it competitive with the customs union which is the market of kazakhstan russia and a loose cover the president because it's been caught for not limiting cooperation only in the industrial sectors. he sees a great potential and scientific cooperation did suggest to any effort in the development of new technologies. there were no where. it also seeks to recruit other schools. rather she gets older we leave at the expense of mineral resources at this stage it should be considered as our advantage to using this we need to build an alternativ
from michael spears and an additive for production of high quality concrete using splitting method of dry patch the limitation of these projects will significantly improve the energy efficiency and quality of construction non domestic enterprises have the real incentive to invest in advanced technology according to preliminary estimates the construction and commissioning of the plane for production of thermal insulating coatings based democracy is fully justified within three to five years. who knew you in your content. so that the book. we all live in the northern region and we know how the key transportation system is constructed as a pipe with the heat insulation covered with protective covers in all of these can be replaced by a two millimeter layer of paint me on the basis of micah spears is my cursor can be used to paint water diversion gates. the company management was interested in the project on the use of trying to produce high quality concrete at a meeting with the scientists from the computer more. hope for a minute. recently the scientists from russia proposed to under
be a case of law. i spent it with epithets. just a couple watches us with our judicial system has improved by twenty three positions over the four years since the fifth congress of judges the criterion of the independent courts in global competitiveness of drinking proves it nevertheless we only take the place means that we need to improve our position order to enter the top thirty most developed countries in the world. therefore it is necessary to strengthen our common work and all the activity in legal system reform especially the core of the system that is the system of justice which is optional the president of context and also instructed to develop the new code of civil procedure according to the leader of the state the order proceedings shall be easy and fast for all sides of the process over there should be irresponsible method for distinguishing cases that require addition the president emphasized the important problem of the growing workload of judges with assimilation are even found their number will increase next year. a little bonus is the number of judges on crease but twenty
at six hundred and fifty five thousand us dollars. let them put me in jail if they want i'm even ready to give my life if our fellow countrymen is released. we're sure that we are right and he is not guilty to a stand until the end the law. unlike the government ordinary citizens of ukraine are in favor of the european immigration protest going on in ukraine against a cabinet decisn to suspend operations for the conclusion of the association agreement with the eu. the opposition representatives in the pit called now that god did not like the decision to swell this withholding key of donetsk on both ends of both i came from the city of all i wanted to express my civic position against citizens of the country are for the european union. we want the quality of our life in the level of medicine and education to be complying with european standards. one of the conditions for the conclusion of the association agreement with the european union was among other things the location of these one hundred and fifty billion garros for modernization of production to bring up to eu standards. the pri
they should be considered as art and image using this we need to build an alternative energy economy based on this i propose to have the innovation on the hydrocarbon sector form this year i suggest posting and not allow or two the purses or were ufo sighting of the historic treaty on good relations in a line to become the main outcome of the meetings and contentment the awful presented for mayor of london ballet directed by police in mind next week. mr conte and informational article more common reported this to such communication service briefing swan lake ballet and i need the opera are scheduled to be staged at the opera performance can be viewed online. yet we are at best. the pierced into an alley in a country other than russia for the first time ever happened because extend the rumble showing the men in ski theaters have not stitched it is because boys ii men has is own theater is considered to be one of the most for me and choreographers of the twenty first century islam the most popular choreographers in the world. some of us must have been nice to cuddle the minister informed the
thousand eighteen friend sells a book us in the context and is one of the party partners for the czech republic. he reported that the czech republic intends to participate actively in the expo two thousand seventeen international exhibition in austin now then as the ideal platform for the promotion of hungarian products and services to the buckets of situation in the countries of the customs union. but that's what sis and cousin stance products enter into europe this was made during the meeting with the minister of foreign affairs of context and with the prime minister of hungary in the ministry of natural commonly in the hungarian capital hill and jason started his work to visit the european countries with a visit to budapest first displaying a sign bilateral cooperation agreements of diplomatic and educational ministries of the two countries an established partnership injustice and telecommunications. the issue of strengthening business ties were discussed the day before in budapest. friendly relations between context and hungrier great the cooperation is actively developing who hav
the bill will increase financial discipline in the planning and use a budget resources. the legislation will increase the effectiveness of physical and investment policies that are part of the two thousand fourteen to two thousand sixteen budget. it's clear that all budget limits will remain the level of development in the regions is different and the opportunities in the regions are different. i think the ministry fails to take this into account. i don't agree with the way the transfers are made from the national budget to the regional budget in terms of the co financing of projects that. with what we eat the food theme. senators approved a new tax law on the first reading. you will increase the excise tax on alcohol and cigarettes and the stamp tax on property and certain types of vehicles the excise tax on strong drinks will double next year and triple by two thousand sixteen the excise tax on cigarettes will jump thirty percent a year. the next three years legislation simplifies tax rules for small and medium size businesses. minister of regional vellum and allowed john michelle wan
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